The D

The tenacity of teenagers. Our impetuousness is hailed as one of our greatest principles. Too often are the phrases “those kids” “rambunctious youngsters” and “teenage rapscallions” used with sarcasm. The smile on your face as you read such novel phrases is no doubt evidence of the lighthearted context in which they are used. Why is … Continue reading



So apparently I attend the empirically calculated “happiest college” in the United States. Now that raises several questions. As a cynic and a skeptic I have an obligation to prove this notion wrong. However, it seems entirely feasible to me, at the moment. My first method of counter-calculation was to find social reasons for unhappiness. … Continue reading


Once Again

Can I ask that people show pride and dignity? That someone works for themselves and never asks for pity? Someone who can control their minds and feelings? Someone who doesn’t feel the need to be dragged down without flailing? People are too submissive. No one wants to think for themselves lest they risk alienating themselves … Continue reading