I read recently that Koreatown , my home and refuge, has the least parks in the city. I also read a slew of complaints below about the “lack” of parks. However, I do not think there needs to be any parks. The city, Koreatown especially, is one of the most lively and exciting in the world. The place is a park in itself. Everywhere you go something is happening. Parks serve to shut kids out of the realities of the city around them instead of teaching them to enjoy and embrace it. While I agree some more green places in the city would be nice, I do not think we should use them as retreats and escapes from the “plights” of city life. The city is a living breathing entity and not just an environment. It changes and evolves and part of enjoying it is evolving and changing with it. If we shelter ourselves from it, we cannot truly enjoy it. We have to let it envelop and overtake us. Then we can enjoy the city for what it is.


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