Once Again

Can I ask that people show pride and dignity? That someone works for themselves and never asks for pity? Someone who can control their minds and feelings? Someone who doesn’t feel the need to be dragged down without flailing? People are too submissive. No one wants to think for themselves lest they risk alienating themselves from society. If you can go out and do the same things as everyone else but better you are a champion, but if you do something completely different you are wrong, or stupid, or naive. What is wrong and stupid is that no one can stand up to pressure, no one can say no, and nobody can resist the temptations offered by their fellow man. We live in a world where everybody wants to bring each other down so that nobody feels lonely. The only problem is that the strategy requires the alienation of free thought. Free thought seems to be scarce these days anyways though. So go find another man and go to another party. Go call another smaller kid a fag and go laugh at your fellow man’s misfortune. Go be everyone else and go love it. “Out time will come and the wicked will fall”-Murs


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