Jello Pudding Pops

There is no point in politics. The study of government and analysis of political viewpoints is wholly inept. How can you hope to understand someone’s unique and arbitrary political beliefs and then ascribe them to a group? The only contributing factor in political decision is psychology. Political beliefs are a perverse amalgamation of accumulated human experience. As is religion, morality and personality. This seems simple and inane, “of course someone’s belief systems, political and otherwise, stem from their experiences.” And it is that simple. More so, since it is that simple I find it genuinely troubling that people are so concerned with groupthink, mob mentality, and conforming and identifying with an organization to validate their beliefs. Furthermore, I believe we are unfit to decide anything as a unified body. How can we vote for the greater good of the United States when the entire formation of our beliefs is solely personal? We are not fit to decide the outcome of an entire nation based on opinions held solely to benefit ourselves. Individuals hold the only effective method of governance, and can only extend it as far as themselves. A government is just a conduit for chaos and misjudgment. The only purpose of the government is to funnel the conflicting of beliefs of several individuals into a non functioning puppet, no, symbol, of discourse. A puppet is tangible, has function, has people inside or behind it. A government is empty, has only a veil of meaning. Not to mention puppets bring people joy. Have you seen Sesame Street? It’s awesome. The government isn’t that awesome. You can’t compare waiting at the DMV to watching Oscar the Grouch.


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